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“Qianfeng Hongtai” of the Macau Tauist Institute of Science and Culture, is a training and exchanging platform which is dedicated to the practice of the idea that Dao is accessible and achieved by all of us. Through the practice of Dao, we will all be able to achieve longevity. In addition to promoting the traditional Chinese culture of maintaining health, the Macau Taoist Institute of Science and Culture, in cooperation with the Macau Long Fei Martial Arts Institute, follows the Tauist doctrine and endeavours to disseminate Xinyi Boxing, Palma Bagua, Taiji Boxing and Wudang Sword, as well as other traditional Chinese martial arts. Since its inauguration on 25 October 2015, it has been a platform for cultural exchange. Come and participate in our activities! Pay attention to wellbeing and strengthen your health!



新冠肺炎防疫需要,會員及學員進入會址須響應配合特區政府呼籲,並持有 “澳門健康碼” 。


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